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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Swine Flu

Oh swine flu what to do? The media has everyone running scared so naturally when my 5 yr old was diagnosed with it on Sunday, I felt pure panic, it was like being kicked in the gut. I mean what do you do? Run to the hospital? Quarantine the house? Alert the media? Keep it quiet so others don't panic? What is the protocol? All this went through my head in the ten seconds it took my sons Doctor to tell me he had it. Then she handed me a prescription for Tamiflu and said give him this, you will notice a big improvement tomorrow( I did, like night and day). I said okay, what then? Nothing she said just watch him. OK. So I said what about my 2 yr old? She said watch her too if she has any symptoms bring her in and I will give her a prescription too. That's it. No panic, no calls to the hospital nothing. I don't get it, I mean why does the media feel the need to panic everyone its just not right. I guess in a normally healthy child with no existing medical conditions you should not expect any complications, at least that's what I got from my Doctor. However if you do have a child with certain medical conditions you have to be extra cautious I guess. So then why are not all Doctors doing the swab test for H1N1? My friends child had all of the same symptoms as mine did but was told she did not have Swine flu (no swab test was done) and was sent back to school. Huh. I just don't get it.

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