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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cat Burglar I Am Not

Yesterday was another stellar day in our household. It started off with me and my dad finishing up the pipe work for the new heating system. We tested the pipes with water...no leaks...Hurray! That was the highpoint. It all went south from there. After my parents left, the lil princess and I went to do the shopping. We arrived back just in time to drop the packages off and run over to the school to pick up my son. We picked up my son and then I bundled everyone out of the car (it was soooo cold yesterday) and up to the door and then began searching the black hole that is my bag and Oh Crap! No keys!!!!! I didn't panic though because I have a hiding place with a spare pair of keys, so off I went to go retrieve my spare and I got to said hiding place and discovered ....NO BlOODY KEYS!!!! S***! Well then the real fun began because anyone with kids knows that 2 and 5 yr. olds have very little patience and DO NOT like to be locked out of their house!!! So the screaming and crying began and I bundled them back in the car and turned the heat on for them. Then I phoned the husband to see if he knew where the spare keys were and he did "They are hanging up in the kitchen he says" Why are they there I say "Because I was using them this weekend since I lost my keys....a couple of weeks ago." What!!! Its very lucky for him his cell phone died right then because as you can imagine I was not the happy camper. LOL! To make matters worse, my bladder not being what it used to be since having kids, likes to act up in particularly cold weather and so I really really had to pee! So as I did the trying not to pee dance while scoping the house for entry points and jiggling all the windows to see if by chance I had left one unlocked I finally had to retreat to my basement which before you ask is not accessible from inside the house, you have to go outside to get in, and thank God it was unlocked because my poor bladder could not take anymore. So as I sat on my bucket having a much needed pee, Praying no neighbors would pop up to see what all the broo ha ha was about (because at this point my 5yr old was honking the horn and screaming "Mom did you get in yet!" at the top of his lungs, I spotted my hammer on the work table and decided that I was not so attached to my back window. So around the house I went and gave the window a good whack! and nothing.... hardly broke at all (must be super glass) but a couple of more hefty whacks and I was in. Lucky enough I did not shred myself on the way in and all was well. So then I had the task of boarding up the window and cleaning all the glass up. I decided not to call my parents that night as I usually would because I did not want to tell them about all the shenanigans of the day and have them worry about it, I decided to handle it myself like an adult. Okay Okay, I didn't tell them so that I wouldn't have to hear about how I should have twenty spares around the place given our track record! (sadly this is not the first time this has happened, but that is the husbands story to tell if he so chooses LOL!) Anyway I was able to pop the broken window out and bring the frame to the glass man who remembers me from the last incident and greeted me with a laugh and a"What happened this time Karen?" he was able to fix it straight away and in no time I was on my way back to the house and I popped it right back in. So all is well Mom and Pop its fixed and I don't want to talk about it. LOL!!!!


  1. funny funny stuff!!!! Poor you at least you can laugh about it a day later

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