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Saturday, January 9, 2010

High Five Meme

Thank you to Foodie Mummy and Mumtalk for nominating me for the High Five Meme, I really enjoyed reading both of yours. I have to say that much like Foodie Mummy my memory has gone downhill since having children and its hard for me to remember things these days but here goes and in no particular order:
1) My son started Kindergarten this year. After a summer full of worry and giving myself an ulcer (would he like it, would kids like him, would he do well, would he like the other kids etc.). School started and the little man was up bright and early and ready to go. He looked so grown up with his back pack on, all shiny and excited (me I had a ball in my throat that I thought would choke me)and off we went to school. I was allowed to walk him into class that morning and he greeted the teacher with a bright and cheery "Good Morning" and a big smile. I of course could not make eye contact with anyone!!! But with the assurance that he was okay, I left and I just made it out the school doors before bursting into gut wrenching sobs! LOL! Kinda sounds like a low light but its a highlight, first right of passage out of the way and it all worked out.
2) Skype. My husbands parents finally got Skype and we are able to see and talk with them every Sunday. It is really nice for them to see the kids and for the kids to know them. That had been a real worry for us because all of my husbands family are in Ireland, he is the only one that is not at home and this really helps us all stay connected.
3) Princess Fluffy Mittens. Our new cat. Her name is Mittens, but the lil Princess refuses to call her that, she calls her either princess or fluffy while my son yells at her to call her Mittens. I did not want another cat. I had a cat for 22 yrs named Lucky who died 5yrs ago and I never thought I would get another one. Well one night I was at the back door and I was talking on the phone, when I heard this yowling coming at me across the yard she jumped up beside me and never left. Now, I tried to get her to go, but as my son pointed out "Mom you said that cats pick you, you don't pick the cat, so we HAVE to keep her". (That is what I told him to get him to stop asking for one!) Note to self: Be careful what you tell the kids because they WILL remember! LOL!
4) Getting away with the Hubby. We went away for the night once this year and it was really nice to spend time with him and eat a meal and watch a movie in peace. It is good to get a break once in a while. Of course we spent the whole night wondering what the kids were doing to Mom and Pop but they were just fine! Hmmm... maybe we can get away for two nights next time! LOL!
5) Blogging! I discovered I really enjoy it! It is nice to share my story with people and really fun to read the comments! (So please feel free to comment any time!) I was never one to keep a diary, but now since my memory seems to be on the blink it is good that I write these things down to remember the good times and the funny times.
So that is my Top Five, I wish you all the best in the New Year!
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  2. Enjoyed your post! Looking forward to reading more.

  3. Finally got over here to check your blog out...I love the celtic knot actually my husband and I have tattoos on our ring fingers of it.
    My daughter also started Kindergarten this year, wow was her first week an emotional one for me!