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Friday, January 22, 2010

This Sums it Up!

This is how I really feel about my new hair do even two weeks on.. LOL!


  1. Oh noooooo, it can't be that bad?? says she who has a phobia of hairdressers!!! Jen.

  2. Great ad. We've all been there, where you just want to pick it up off the floor and sellotape it back onto your head.

  3. Oh yes ladies it is so bad, and now I am at the point of having a flat iron attached to my hand at all times trying to get it half way decent and my hair is getting crispy! OMG! I have never spent so much time on my hair in my life, I am a wash and go kind of person, I don't usually think about it at all, but I guess I am going to be a multi product, multi tool using person till spring at least! LOL!

  4. oh no!!!! Pretty funny commercial!!!

  5. Been there, felt that, have the large brown paper bag stashed in the wardrobe to prove it!!