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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mish Mosh Thursday

Cost of one Princess room in a box $100.00. Cost of spending 3 hours putting it together while your 5yr old yells out constantly what is taking you so long to build it and your 2yr. old beats you with the metal rails....priceless. Well who said motherhood was easy anyway. Right now as I speak the little princess is practicing getting in and out of her new bed. I put her in, kiss her goodnight turn out the light and come downstairs. Two minutes later, the light comes on, I hear the pitter patter of little feet and I hear "Mommy look!" I go upstairs and she runs back into bed giggling, this has been going on all night! Ah well one of us is bound to fall asleep sooner or later...probably me! LOL!

Well its been a busy week around here, my Dad has decided to put a new heating system in and so it has been all systems go, he came down here on Tuesday morning right before I left for work and when I got back all the baseboards were in place! There is no stopping him! He is unbelievable! Then yesterday we spent the whole day installing and soldering the pipework in the basement and by the end of the day taking turns whacking our heads on the various pipes and beams that are down there! LOL! We were tired! Meanwhile in the mist of all this my mom is taking care of my 2yr. old, raking leaves and painting everything she could find. I don't know where she gets the energy from!, I certainly do not get that much accomplished when I am here on my own! Which probably really annoys her! LOL! I call her "The Motivator", I get all my productive work done around here when she is here, because her favorite expression is "Get er dun!" No she is not southern, but we like to talk in a southern accent while we work, it really makes us laugh and the jobs seem to go faster. Man am I lucky to have parents like these, my father has always tried to teach me how to fix things and most of it has stuck and then my mom steps in and says "Let's get to it!" and it gets done.

So thinking back on the Princess bedroom, it is because of my parents that I bravely take these projects on and I hope to continue the legacy with my kids. I hope they get more out of seeing me do these things than the mumbled curse words that slip out occasionally as I get whacked in the head or have to chase my tools around. LOL!
Ahhh Good Times!!! :)

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