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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Title.....Tooth Fairy!

Its official people! I have a new title "The Tooth Fairy". My little guy lost his first tooth! He has had two loose teeth for well over a week now and the first one finally came out yesterday! Very exciting rite of passage. But now for the money part, what exactly is the going rate for a tooth these days? When I was a kid, I remember we used to get a dollar and with that dollar we would go to the corner store and come out with a can of soda, bag of chips, chocolate bar and a swedish fish or two and we would share it with our friends, it would be a party! Go to the store with a dollar nowadays and see what you can get, you would be lucky if you got just one of those things! Of course times have changed drastically since then, we were happy with a dollar, my son thinks that losing a tooth equals a new lego set! I had to explain that the tooth fairy is not like Santa and that she is too tiny to carry big presents, she can only carry a dollar. LOL!

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