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Monday, December 7, 2009

Princess room too good to be true!

Well it happened, I knew it would. I just didn't know it would happen in less than a week. What am I talking about you ask? The wonderful princess bedroom in a box that I spent a whole evening putting together, not five days ago! Apparently my lil princess who has a fondness for gymnastics was swinging from the canopy when it snapped like a twig! This was apparently her second attempt, the first one being quickly stopped by my mother who was babysitting. Ah but she is tenacious, nothing stops my lil princess from doing what she wants, she just waited until mom came back downstairs and continued on her mission LOL! Thankfully she wasn't hurt. But after a long day of work I come home to my mother and husband exchanging glances at each other...nobody wants to break the news to me about the catastrophe and finally I am like "What?" "Just tell me already!" So my husband says to our little destructo, "show mommy what you did" and she races upstairs calling to me to follow her and when I get up there she is standing there with a big gigantic smile saying "Mommy!....Grandma did it!" LMAO!!! Ah well she's only two!

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